Life Coaching

8 Sessions


ICF certified Life, Health and Wellness Coach.

My Vision

To help as many people in the world to unlock and reach their true potential. To help them lead a life full of Peace, Health, Balance, Success, Purpose, Joy & Love.

My Mission

To fulfill my vision by providing the best powerful tools & techniques that remain with an individual for life through Life Coaching.

What is Life Coaching?
  • A Life Coach focuses on the clients present to make the Future better
  • A Life Coach takes you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • A Life Coach helps you achieve your goals, dreams or help you go through and handle the change in your life. It is a process to create solutions resulting sustained change.
  • A Life Coach is a trained professional who digs deep to reveal the real you, builds strengths, eliminates limiting beliefs and allows you to create and achieve your goals and dreams via strategic planning.
  • A Life Coach gets you past the challenges, obstacles and ensures your goals are achievable.
  • Your Life Coach will listen to you, accept you, help you get unstuck, will keep in touch with you and coach you via sessions for as long as many weeks as you wish.
  • Coaching can be taken to fulfil your Dreams, your Personal, Financial, Relationship & Spiritual goals it also helps you to set your priorities.
  • Brings about a radical change in your Thoughts & Behavior.
What Life Coaching is Not
  • Life Coaching is not Counselling or Therapy.
  • A Coach does not tell you what to do and does not advise you that is consulting.
  • Life Coaching is not a quick Fix.
Features of Life Coaching
  • Reduce Stress
  • Boost Happy Chemicals
  • Improve Self-Confidence
  • Prevent Cognitive Decline
  • Boost Brainpower
  • Sharpen Memory

Life Coaching

8 Sessions
  • World to unlock
  • True potential
  • Life full of Peace

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Who Am I
I am extensively trained & certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Life Coach and an NLP Practitioner. I have a diverse corporate & artistic background. I am here to help you achieve your Dreams & Goals. To manage your Life and live it to the fullest by reaching your true potential because no 1 knows what he/she can do until they try. I shall introduce you to the best version of yourself. Together we shall work on attaining your goals.
When and Why you should opt for Life Coaching:
When you want to Achieve your Goals, Dreams & Desires but cannot seem to stay focused or execute them because there is soo many things to do that you deviate from your To-Dos. When you want to reinforce new behaviors and skills. Need to maintain a balance in Life. When you are going through change alone or want to create change to make your life better, career planning, career transition, stress management, health & wellness, business and more. When you want to have a better Lifestyle. What we forget to do is to take action and try something new or anything, just to Start.
To help you achieve your Goals, Dreams & Desires. To simply be the best version of Yourself, to improve your self-confidence, enhance your personal growth, be the best in your profession, to improve your communications skills, when you want to maintain & build strong Relationships, To overcome Behavioral & Mental blocks, To fight Addiction bravely, To develop better Parenting skills. To get better at Time Management. Getting a coach is a very best thing that anyone can possibly do for themselves. Cannot find your goal mentioned in the when and why simply submit the registration form and find out if you can be coached on your goal or challenge.
How Hiring a Life Coach helps:
  • A Life Coach enables the Breakthroughs that will cause a positive shift in your life.
  • A Life Coach helps you to overcome your Fears and self-doubt to achieve those goals you have been dreaming about.
  • In life, hurdles will often arise that limit your progress, so a Life Coach helps you in making the Right Decisions.
  • Coaching has been proven to work when the client is willing to grow
  • Personal growth is made much simpler if you partner with a life coach. A Life Coach helps & motivates you, keeps track of your personal, financial, relationship goals and achievements.

For eg: If you are Procrastinating then a Life Coach helps you to eliminate procrastination by breaking the negative, harmful thought and behavioral patterns. In life, obstacles will often arise that limit your progress, so a Life Coach helps You in Making Right Decisions.

Who can avail the
Life Coaching service?

Any Professional or Individual, Students, Artists, Actors, Entrepreneurs, people looking forward to Career Transitions, Procrastinators, Working Women & Men, Housewives, Couples, Married couples, Parents, Teenagers. And, if you think you are nothing until now, Life Coaching will change your life and help you become that someone by adding meaning and direction to your life.

What Popular Life Coaching services we provide:

  • Physical Fitness, Health & Lifestyle Coaching.
  • Communication Charisma Coaching.
  • Relationships, Marriage & Loneliness Coaching.
  • Parenting & Teenage Coaching.

How is Coaching provided:

Coaching is provided to national and international individuals via 1-on-1 sessions over a course of few weeks via Telephone conversations, Google Duo, Skype, Email or Face-to-Face (for Nationals)

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